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Monday, November 1, 2010

the subject that had taught

The subject had taught at MPCIM

 Networking operation system- this subject have teach for IT students… it is include how operation system   does working and more focus on operation system.

 Security- there are a lot of type security have teach for IT students

 Programming – java – this focus on IT students which is detail about programing and how programming work

 Business information system- even though this is business subject, it focus more on information system . this subject need do investigation of using wireless in big company.

 Internet technology- it is basic information about internet tecnology and how to use the software.

Target In Life

sweet memory at Mara Professional College Indera Mahkota is when got rewards from HQ for the best achievement.
While sweet memory in life when get a piece of degree certificate in convocation degree.
Target in life – Achieved higher level of education as I can……. And always give the best for my parents……


Tips to be successful lecturer
 Committed and maintain productivity
 Always think be the best in teaching
 Do as you told to does
 Sincere when giving knowledge to your students

Tips to be successful students in IT.
 Learn how to learn
 Focus in class/ listen to the lecture
 Study smart not too hard
 Always do exercise and study

Whats the challengers to be IT lecturer
 Deliver new It learning to students
 Must understand students’s behavior
 Deliver IT subject to diploma English students


I was school at muar, Johor and further my study in Diploma of Education at Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim.  After finish, I further my study in Degree of Computer Science at University Malaysia. 
university Malaya- Degree of  Science Computer

IPSAH- Diploma in Education

Detail About Ikhsan Moksin

About me

My name is Mohd Ikhsan Bin Moksin. You can call me Ehsan..n_n I was born on 3 October 1982 at Muar, Johor. My hobby just simple and relax thing which is online game. .. My favourite food of course my mom cook and sambal udang. My favourite drink is sirap limau that done my self….n_n I am the second from 6 siblings…. And the most handsome from my other siblinngs… hehehe..n_n